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Friday, August 31, 2012

Information on Khalpara Prostitution – Red Light Area in Siliguri ofWest Bengal

In this article complete information on Khalpara red light area in Siliguri can be found. From where and why the girls are coming to Khalpara, what is done there with the prostitutes and what are being done to stop child prostitution at Khalpara are posted here.
Khalpara is located at Siliguri, the most important town in North Bengal of West Bengal. Khalpara is known for the oldest trade in the World, prostitution. Siliguri, being the busiest business town in North Bengal, flesh trade business at Khalpara red light area was developed since long ago. Khalpara is not simply a prostitution area at Siliguri, it is now considered as a major ‘wholesale trading’ centres of children and prostitution from eastern Nepal districts and other North Eastern parts of India. Khalpara is presently a hub of prostitution. Children of tender ages between 6-9 years are taken from Nepal and other North Eastern states in India to Khalpara and from Khalpara they are sold to different brothels Like Sonagachi red light area in Kolkata, Grant Road brothel in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and other places. A report says that nearly 12,000 women are trafficked from Nepal to India in connection with prostitution business and among them 70 per cent are children. One NGO in Nepal is working against child prostitution at Khalpara red light area and they are trying to keep the child sex workers away from this dreaded flesh trade.

From Where Khalpara Prostitutes Are Coming?

Apart from Nepal, the poor girls in Khalpara red light area are also coming from different corner of West Bengal and neighboring states of West Bengal like Assam, Manipur, Maghalaya and Mizoram. There are many instances where these girls were married to strangers and after few months they were sold to Khalpara brothel by their husbands. Pimps are taking the advantages of poverty. Many girls left their home with consent of their parents to get a job but ultimately landed at Khalpara brothel. North East states in India, Nepal and Bangladesh are the main source of sex workers in red light areas of India. The geographical location of Siliguri is such that communication between Siliguri and the source of prostitutes is well connected. Communication between Siliguri and Kolkata via train and bus services is also very good. A major part of the prostitutes in Khalpara and those poor girls traded from Khalpara are from Nepal and Assam. In Indian brothels there is a tremendous demand for Assamese and Nepali girls among the clients.

How to reach Khalpara

Khalpara is at Siliguri. Khalpara is located opposite to the Gandhi Maidan at Siliguri.  Khalpara red light area is near the S.P.Mukherjee Road and Vidya Sagar Road.

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