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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Red light areas in Asansol of Burdwan - Sitarampur, Lachhipur and Chabka

Asansol is a famous industrial belt in West Bengal with number of coal mines, steel factory, wagon factory and so many auxiliary industries. Prostitution in industrial zones are inevitable and the same case is found with Asansol.

Three different types of brothels can be found in Asansol. At Sitarampur Baiji Para, special type of dance – mujra is performed by prostitutes. During the festival days in Bengal, business in Sitarampur Baiji Para flourishes. During the other times also the Sitarampur Baiji Para remains busy during the evening time. Mainly upper class and upper middle class people visit Sitarampur Baiji Para. The mujra performers in Sitarampur Baiji Para are engaged in flesh trade also. Sitarampur Baiji Para is considered as posh brothel in Asansol.

The other flesh trade area in Asansol is Lachhipur Dhal. Mostly middle and lower middle class people go to Lachhipur Dhal. The prostitutes in Lachhipur Dhal are mainly from Bihar, Bengal, Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. Lachhipur Dhal is on the National Highway and as a result many truck drivers utilize this spot for their sexual enjoyment.

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Chabka is the third red light area in Asansol where lower income group people, mainly daily wage earners go.

Disha Jana Kalyan Kendra or DISHA, an NGO is working for the betterment of prostitutes in Asansol.

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