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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mahajantuli Lane – Red Light Area at Burdwan Town

Mahajantuli Lane is situated at the heart of Burdwan town. It is close to the Khosbagan which is known as doctors area. In the entire Khosbagan area you will find only Nursing Homes, chambers of doctors and Pathological laboratories. Khoshbagan accommodates the largest number of doctors in India. 

Mahajantuli Lane is famous for prostitutes. Number of buildings in the area accommodates sex workers. Apart from the sex workers houses, the locality is inhabited by civilized people. There are two nursing homes and a market in the locality. Many doctors have their chambers in that area.

Most of the Mahajantuli Lane prostitutes are Bengalis and the customers are mainly the rickshaw pullers, daily labours etc.

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 How to reach Mahajantuli Lane

Mahajantuli Lane is very close to Bardhaman railway station.  There is no bus route through Mahajantuli Lane, no town service buses pass by the locality. Mahajantuli Lane is nearly one km from the railway station so one can go there by rickshaw or by walking.

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