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Monday, August 3, 2015

South Kolkata Durga Puja 2015 Themes

Many famous Durga pujas are organized in South Kolkata and most of the pujas are famous as theme puja. Themes of few of the South Kolkata Durga Pujas are listed here.

Ekdalia Evergreen Club and Durga Puja 2015 theme

This is the 73rd year Durga Puja of Ekdalia Evergreen Club. Puja pandal of Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durga Puja 2015 is constructed as per an imaginary temple. Ekdalia Evergreen Club Durga Puja is known as the puja of Subrata Mukherjee - Trinamool Congress leader and state minister.

Jodhpur Park puja committee and Durga Puja 2015 theme

Artist Dipak Ghosh has designed a tribal village and the puja mandap is a tribal house in the dense forest.  

Ballygaunj Cultural and Durga Puja 2015 theme

This is the 65th year Durga Puja in Ballygaunj Cultural Association and no theme this year. Ballygaunj Cultural Association will follow traditional puja.

Star Cement and Deshapriya Park Durgotsab 2015 Theme

Star Cement to install "world's largest Durga idol" at Deshapriya Park in Kolkata.

Star Cement and Deshapriya Park Durgotsab (DPD) jointly organising the Durga Puja 2015. According to Star Cement, the theme of the Puja has been conceptualised and ideated by Star Cement. As per their statement, “Kolkatans will observe a grand and unique Puja that will grab eyeballs and add the wow factor to the celebrations. We thought that Deshapriya Park is the ideal venue for such a grand idea because of its huge space, cultural heritage and excellent location which has a very good proximity to various parts of the city and suburbs. Come October and you will witness what a silent revolution we have brought about in our city of joy”.

Hironmoy Chatterjee, President, DPD said. “We are extremely pleased to have Star Cement as our partner in the worship of Devi Durga this year. DPD shares quite a long history of collaboration with the Society. Envisioning a large societal purpose has always been a dream at DPD. For DPD, Durga Puja is more than just an ethical commitment, deeper than Puja Committee Spin; it’s embedded in the activities, influencing decisions from sourcing to strategy. This partnership only makes our cause bigger and more unique”.

Suruchi Sangha and Durga Puja 2015 theme

Mini Tamilnadu will be seen in Suruchi Sangha Durga Puja this year. Artist Subrata Bandopadhyay will illustrate the culture and festivals of the state through his art. Suruchi Sangha theme song of Durga Puja 2015 has already created a craze.

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