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Friday, September 4, 2015

Indrani admits her role in Sheena Bora murder - senior police officer said

Sheena Bora murder case has rocked the nation. Who are the murderer of Sheena Bora and what was the motive is still not clear. Mumbai police is doing the investigation. Indrani Mukherjee, Peter Mukherjee, Sanjeev Khanna ( Indrani's second husband), Siddhartha Das (Indrani's first husband), Shyam Rai (driver of the car in which Sheena was murdered) and Vidhi (daughter of Indrani and her second husband Sanjeev Khanna) are interrogated by Police.

The latest news is that Indrani has confessed that she had a role in Sheena murder. “She claimed she was part of the conspiracy but did not participate in the killing and only accompanied Sanjeev in the car. She also claimed that it was Sanjeev who strangulated Sheena with a stole while she sat next to him,” the source said. However, driver Shyam Rai said that while he drove the vehicle, it was Indrani and Khanna who allegedly strangulated Sheena. “Khanna had claimed that it was Indrani who killed Sheena,” said a source. “Indrani told us that she had seen the spot (where the body was disposed of) while visiting a friend’s farmhouse in 2012 and that she conducted a recee on April 23, a day before the murder. She asked Rai to collect a rented car and visit the spot,” said the official. Rai is said to have told interrogators that after Sheena’s murder, he parked the car in a Worli garage owned by Peter. “Rai returned with the body around 8 pm in Worli on April 24 and stood outside the garage through the night. He said he was scared to sit with a body. He said he received a call from Indrani around 3 am on April 25, and picked her and Sanjeev from Hiltop hotel in Worli and drove them to the spot.” 

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