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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Madhyamik selection tests 2015 will be held before Durga Puja

Most of the state-aided Madhyamik schools in West Bengal will hold the Class X selection tests before Durga Puja this year. Two major teachers' associations have agreed to this decision. Since almost all state-aided schools use question papers set by one of the two associations for the selection test, all schools have to follow a common schedule.
ABTA has announced that selection tests would commence on 6 October. ABTA prepares a single set of questions for the entire state.

The Trinamul Secondary Teachers Association is yet to declare the date but news is that the date of commencement of selection tests on their question papers will be either 5 October or 6 October. Earlier they decided to start the selection test after the Durga Puja.

The association controlled by Trinamool prepares question papers district-wise.

Private schools such as South Point, Patha Bhavan and Nava Nalanda will not follow the date prescribed by ABTA or the Trinamul-controlled association. 

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