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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Uncertain Condition of WBJEEM Medical, 2016

The Supreme Court has banished the State medical joint exam for admission in medical colleges today. The exam which is going to be held on 17Th May will only be for candidates giving the engineering entrance test. Now, it is a matter of big question as what will happen to the candidates who are thinking to choose medical as their future? The answer is given by the Supreme Court itself that the entrance exam can only be taken in a centralised way and the candidates will get admission based on a single centralised exam.

The first phase of NEET (the above mentioned centralised exam ) had taken place on 1st May and the second phase is going to be held on 24th July. As expected, the 75 thousand 800 medical candidates as well as their parents are mentally devastated after hearing this decision of the highest official on India.  The biggest portion of candidates opting for medical have the central NEET second in their priority list, first being the state based one. Mainly due to this, the exam of maximum candidates did not go smoothly. Many candidates did not even sit on the phase I of NEET. It has been proposed by officials of West Bengal and 11 other states, due to this mischief, that all candidates should be allowed to sit in the phase II of NEET, irrespective of their scores. The Supreme Court has complied with this. The lawyer of the state, Joydeep Mazumder has informed that though the Supreme Court has accepted the proposal of letting every candidate sit in the NEET phase II, they have something to say, too. They have told that if a candidate wants to sit for the NEET phase II, he or she has to first cancel the result of NEET phase I. To add to that, keeping the pathetic condition of the candidates, if need arises, the judges of Supreme Court, namely A.R.Dave, S.K.Sinha, and A.K.Goyal have decided to postpone the NEET phase II which was going to be held on 24th July.

On 28th April, Supreme Court had notified that no state can take medical entrances. The notice is going to be activated from the next year onwards. West Bengal and other 11 states have been taking their medical entrances on their own. Realising the terrible condition of the candidates, they appealed to the Supreme Court to let them take the entrances the way they have been taking before, to spare the candidates. After a long process of hearing which lasted for a week, the Supreme Court dismissed all these appeals of the state. A candidate has to pass the entrance test not only to get admission in a Governmental college, but also in Non-Governmental and Dental college.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, the health minister Sushanta Bandyopadhyay expressed with grief that they could do nothing, inspite of trying their level best. He asked the candidates not to mourn and embrace, with difficulty of course, the decision of the Supreme Court. The chairman of Joint Entrance Board , Sajal Dasgupta, said that he has not seen the decision of the supreme Court, but if it sticks to its previous decision, on 17thMay, they will only take the engineering entrance test. On the other hand, an interesting question about the presence and importance of these entrance tests has been raised. According to many academic persons, medical and engineering colleges should be given the right to choose candidates on their own just like Presidency and St. Xavier’s does. One of them came up with a quite interesting point. He said that many colleges do not have the proper infrastructure to carry on good studies, still they get candidates from the entrance exams which makes the study of those candidates incomplete. If colleges are given the right to choose students, the possibility of students getting cheated will be lessened.

However, the State is trying its level best to bring back the system of State based joint, for at least one year.

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