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Tourists and Picnic Spots in West Bengal

Golden Boot Contender in World Cup 2014


Here is the latest update of position of players who are the main contenders for golden boot in World Cup 2014.

Thomas Müller (Germany)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Portugal: 3

 Neymar (Brazil)

Total goals scored till today: 2

Against Croatia: 2 goals

Robin van Persie (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Arien Robben (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Total goals scored till today: 1

Against Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1

Jayanti tourist spot in Jalpaiguri district





Jayanti is a small forest with an area of 780 sq km situated near Buxa Tiger Reserve. Main attractions at Jayanti are the scenery of the forest and the distant hills of Bhutan and Jayanti river. In the forest, animals like elephant, leopard, tiger, wild dog and barking deer reside. Mahakal Temple, the 51th satipeeth is just 7 km from Jayanti. From Jayanti one can visit Hatipota by car. The journey to Hatipota is thrilling. There is Pokhri Lake which is situated on a hill, 2 km from Jayanti.

How to reach Jayanti

Many trains are plying from Sealdah and Howrah to New Alipurduar Junction. Jayanti is 26 km from Alipurduar. Jayanti can also be reached from Rajabhatkhawa.

Hotels and lodges at Jayanti

There are many hotels and lodges at Jayanti. Some of the lodges and hotels are given below:

Hotel Greenview. Tel: 203157, 9474627790.

Prakriti. Tel: 9333263923.

Nature Hut. Tel: 286567.

Jayanti Hills Jungle Camp. Tel: 9547308446.

Picnic Spots in Birbhum District

Kenduli Picnic Spot in Birbhum district

Kenduli is a historical village which is situated on the bank of the river Ajay. Kenduli is the birth place of famous Vaishnab poet Jaidev. Kenduli is an ideal place for picnic during winter. No advance booking is needed for arranging picnic at Kenduli. Go and simply enjoy the picnic on the banks of Ajay river.

How to reach Kenduli

Kenduli can be reached from Durgapur by bus.

Picnic Spot in Nadia District


There are many picnic spots in Nadia district and brief description of some of the spots are given below.

Kalyani Lake Picnic Spot

 Kalyani Lake picnic spot is under Kalyani Municipality and this is a famous picnic spot in Nadia district. Kalyani Lake picnic spot can be reached by auto from Kalyani Main station. For picnic purpose per head charge is to be deposited. 

Kalyani Picnic Garden 

Kalyani picnic garden is very near to Kalyani Simanta station and it is a walking distance. There is a children’s park in Kalyani picnic garden. Kalyani picnic garden is under forest department and there is entry fee for picnic parties.

One has to reach Kalyani Simanta either by train from Sealdah or by bus from Esplanade or Babughat. The time may be maximum one and a half hour. From there auto or van rickshaw is available to reach Kalyani Picnic Garden.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park and Resort picnic spot 

Jubili Park and Resort picnic spot is under Gayeshpur Municipality of Nadia district. Jubili Park and Resort is a picnic spot as well as a weekend destination. The municipality and a private body are managing the Jubili Park and Resort. There is boating facility in Jubili Park and Resort and both AC and Non-AC guest houses are available at Jubili Park and Resort. Entry fee is applicable for entering Jubili Park and Resort. Contact on: 983085184 / 9874418433.

Ananda Kanan picnic spot

Ananda Kanan picnic spot is under Nabadwip Municipality and this is a popular picnic spot in Nadia. During every winter huge picnic parties come to Ananda Kanan. There are special arrangements of entertainment for children. Boating facility is available here. Special attractions for children in Ananda Kanan are artificial hill and wonderful house. For picnic purpose contact in advance on phone number: (03472) 240008. Entry fee is applicable in Ananda Kanan and for picnic the charge is more than Rs. 500.

Ananda Kanan can be reached from Nabadwip Dham station or Bishnupriya Halt station.

Picnic Spots in Burdwan district


Maithon Picnic Spot in Burdwan


Maithon is famous picnic spot in Burdwan district. Maithon is located at the boarder of West Bengal and Jharkhand. Water barrage, hills, Kalyaneshari temple are the main attractions of Maithon.  Maithon can be reached from Asansol by bus or car. There are many private hotels, youth hostel, PWD guest house at Maithon.


Ranadiha Picnic Spot in Burdwan

Ranadiha is a famous picnic spot and it is situated under Bud Bud police station. From Panagarh, Ranadiha can be reached easily. River damodar is passing through one side of Ranadiha and on the other side you will see natural green scenary. Famous Kali temple of Bhabani Pathak is located near Ranadiha.


Chupir Bil Picnic Spot in Burdwan


Chupir Bil is a picnic spot in Purbasthali of Burdwan district. Siberian birds come here in every winter. Chupir Bil is a good place for bird lovers.


Malancha Picnic Spot in Burdwan

Malancha picnic spot is located near Rasulpur railway station in Howrah-Burdwan main line. Malancha is a famous picnic spot with all facilities for picnic lovers. There are spots for cooking in this Malancha picnic spot. Management of Malancha keeps close vigil in the area so people can enjoy their holiday nicely.

Bhalki Machan – Picnic Spot in Burdwan District

Burdwan district is nearly 100 kms away from Kolkata and Bhalki Machan is 35 kms from Burdwan station. Bhalki Machan is an interesting picnic spot in the district Burdwan. The calm and quite location is the ideal place for refreshing the mind and soul.

The main attractions of Bhalki Machan are a huge man made lake and the forest. In the past, the area was used by Zamindars for hunting wild animals. They used to build watchtowers – machan for hunting and this event the name of the area is Bhalki Machan.

How to reach Bhalki Machan

Burdwan can be reached from Howrah by train – through both main and chord line. From Burdwan, Mankar railway station can be reached by Burdwan – Asansol local trains. Mankar can be reached by road also following NH2. From Mankar, reach Abhirampur and finally reach Bhalki Machan. From Burdwan station, one can travel by local private bus to reach Abhirampur.

Lodging facilities are available at at Bhalki Machan.