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Tourists and Picnic Spots in West Bengal

Picnic Spots in Bankura District


Bankura district is a place of natural beauty and rich culture. There are many attractive tourist spots and picnic spots in Bankura. Here is the list of some of the picnic spots in Bankura.

Gangdua Dam 

Gangdua Dam which is also known as Shalidam, is built across the Shali River. Gangdua Dam is about 4 km away from the Amarkanan in Bankura. Gangdua Dam is 4,900 ft long dam and the main aim of this dam is to save a village of the district from floods. Gangdua Dam is located on the way to Bankura- Mejia.

Kangsabati Dam 

Kangsabati Dam is one of the main attractions for tourists and picnic parties in Bankura district. Kangsabati Dam is on the river Kangsabati and it is the second biggest earthen dam in India and the largest dam in the Bankura district. Kangsabati Dam is 10,098 m long and 38 m high. The scenic beauty of surrounding places of Kangsabati Dam is welknown to all.

Masak and Lady Hill 

Masak and Lady Hill is situated near Khatra in Bankura district and the spot is nearly about 36 km from Jhilimili. The hill is located at an altitude of about 112 ft. Shiva temple of the Masak hills is the main attraction.

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Shamayita Math 

Shamayita Math is a women’s organization with a motto of of serving the poor, underserved and the marginalized sections of the society. Shamayita Math

Was established on 15th August 1996. The main activities of the Math is imparting Education, Healthcare and Rural Development.

Shamayita Math carries out spiritual, social and cultural activities which attracts tourists.

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Talberia Lake

Talberia Lake is one of the famous tourist and picnic spots in Bankura district. Talberia Lake is situated in the outskirts of Jhilimili and about 85 km from Bankura town. Talberia Lake is surrounded by hills and it is created by rainwater pouring into a glade. The lake is surrounded by a wall to preserve it. Talberia Lake is an ideal location for a short trip and picnic.

Durgapur to Talberia is 48.3 km, 41 mins by car

Wax Museuem Mother in Kolkata – How to Reach Mother


A wax museum, ‘Mother’ will be inaugurated by November this year in Rajarhat, New Town – Kolkata. Mother will be the replica of Madame Tussauds’ in central London.

It has been decided that initially wax models of Shah Rukh Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachchan will be kept in the museum.

Location of the wax museum Mother is likely to come up opposite Prakriti Tirtha — the Eco-Tourism Park at Rajarhat.

How to reach wax museum Mother

Wax museum Mother can be reached from both Howrah and Sealdah. From Howrah come to Ruby Hospital or Science City by bus no. S1, S24, C5/1, 107 or 107/1 Mini bus. From ruby you would get many West Bengal Surface Transport buses (White liners and mini) to Rajarhat. 

From Sealdah Station go to the Bidhannagar station by train. From there you would get many West Bengal Surface Transport buses (White liners and mini) to Rajarhat.

Golden Boot Contender in World Cup 2014


Here is the latest update of position of players who are the main contenders for golden boot in World Cup 2014.

Thomas Müller (Germany)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Portugal: 3

 Neymar (Brazil)

Total goals scored till today: 2

Against Croatia: 2 goals

Robin van Persie (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Arien Robben (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Total goals scored till today: 1

Against Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1

Jayanti tourist spot in Jalpaiguri district





Jayanti is a small forest with an area of 780 sq km situated near Buxa Tiger Reserve. Main attractions at Jayanti are the scenery of the forest and the distant hills of Bhutan and Jayanti river. In the forest, animals like elephant, leopard, tiger, wild dog and barking deer reside. Mahakal Temple, the 51th satipeeth is just 7 km from Jayanti. From Jayanti one can visit Hatipota by car. The journey to Hatipota is thrilling. There is Pokhri Lake which is situated on a hill, 2 km from Jayanti.

How to reach Jayanti

Many trains are plying from Sealdah and Howrah to New Alipurduar Junction. Jayanti is 26 km from Alipurduar. Jayanti can also be reached from Rajabhatkhawa.

Time Table of Trains

Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and New Cooch Behar

Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and Siliguri Jn

Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and New Jalpaigur


Hotels and lodges at Jayanti

There are many hotels and lodges at Jayanti. Some of the lodges and hotels are given below:

Hotel Greenview. Tel: 203157, 9474627790.

Prakriti. Tel: 9333263923.

Nature Hut. Tel: 286567.

Jayanti Hills Jungle Camp. Tel: 9547308446.

Picnic Spots in Birbhum District

Kenduli Picnic Spot in Birbhum district

Kenduli is a historical village which is situated on the bank of the river Ajay. Kenduli is the birth place of famous Vaishnab poet Jaidev. Kenduli is an ideal place for picnic during winter. No advance booking is needed for arranging picnic at Kenduli. Go and simply enjoy the picnic on the banks of Ajay river.

How to reach Kenduli

Kenduli can be reached from Durgapur by bus.