Changrabandha – a red-light area in Cooch Behar district of North Bengal



Changrabandha is a town of Cooch Behar district in West Bengal which is situated near the border of Bangladesh. The area is known for Indo-Bangla cross border trade. Everything including women and girls are used in cross border trade.

Nearby Changrabandha are Maynaguri, Alipurduar and Saidpur and Changrabandha is located at 76 kms away from Siliguri.

In Changrabandha, the majority of the sex workers are teen agers. Almost 88 percent prostitutes in Changrabandha are below the age group of 18 years. Like Dinbazar red light area, Border Security Force (BSF) and police are major clients of the prostitutes at Changrabandha. Nearly one third sex workers at Changrabandha are suffering from gynaecological diseases.

A large number of sex workers at Changrabandha come from Bangladesh and a huge number of such women have been trafficked, lured by either promises of jobs or marriage.