Picnic spots in Hooghly district of West Bengal

Looking for picnic spots in Hooghly district, near Kolkata? Read this article to know about the famous picnic spots in Hooghly, how to reach the picnic spots from Kolkata and main attractions of the picnic spots.

Mayur Mahal – a picnic spot in Hooghly and located near Kolkata

Mayur Mahal  is one of the best picnic spots in Hooghly district with historical values. Mayur Mahal is located 4 km. away from Rajhaat. Near Mayur Mahal, there is another park named Suwakhal Sanglagna Paryatan Kendra where visitors can see how water, wind and sun are tapped to produce energy.
Debanandapur, birth place of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is also near Mayur Mahal. Sarat Chandra Smriti Mandir, a museum and library is a must visit here.

 Address and How to reach Mayurmahal

Address: Rajhat, Delhi Road, Hooghly. Pin Code: 712123
From Howrah go to Bandel station by local train and from there jeep, trekker are available.

Pallabi Nursery – a picnic spot in Hooghly district which is located near Kolkata

Pallavi nursery is in Chandannagar of Hooghly district. This is a picnic spot which is not far away from Kolkata. There is a lake in the Pallavi nursery and peacocks are freely roaming here. Pallabi Nursery, located near Kolkata, offers city dwellers to fill up the lungs with fresh air in weekends. During winter weekends, many families and group of friends come here for picnic.

Garmandaran – a picnic spot in Hooghly district which is located near Kolkata

Garmandaran is located in such a place that, picnic cum short tour is possible at Garmandaran. Garmandaran is located very close to Kamarpukur, Bishnupur and Jorrambati. Garden, children picnic, deer and peacock in park are the main attraction of Garmandaran. Garmandaran is located 3 km. away from Kamarpukur Chati, towards Ghatal.
 Whom to contact
Hooghly Zilla ParishadPhone Number: 9434345289, 03326842135
how to reach Garmandaran
From Burdwan, buses are plying in regular intervals towards Arambag and Ghatal. If you go by Arambag bus, you have to take another bus towards Kamarpukur. For Ghatal bus, Kamarpukur Chati is a stoppage in its’ route.

 Matri Niwas – a picnic spot in Hooghly district and very near to Kolkata

Hooghly district has many beautiful picnic spots and Matri Niwas is one of those spots. Matri Niwas is located near Bandel in Hooghly district and the location is very near to Kolkata, about 50 km. from Kolkata. City dwellers can enjoy the mango plantations, lichi garden, scenic beauty and peaceful surroundings of this spot. Rabbits, cranes, guinea pigs, turkeys, peacocks attract children here in this spot. Tents and small cottage facilities are available here. Per head entry fee is applicable to enter the garden. How to reach Matri Niwas
Matri Niwas is situated just 3 km. away from Bandel rail station. One can reach there by local trains.

 Banabithi Park – picnic spot in Hooghly district and very near to Kolkata

 Banabithi Park is another picnic spot in Hooghly district. This park is situated at Bhadreswar which is very near to Kolkata. Main features of Banabithi Park are garden of fruits and flowers, Children Park, paddle boat and many more. Picnic parties do not need to carry cooking utensils at Banabithi Park. Cooking utensils and catering services are available at Banabithi Park. Car parking space is also available here at Banabithi Park.

 Address of Banabithi Park – the picnic spot in Hooghly district

Natun Para, Khurigachi
HooghlyContact Number: 09331912100, 09477317411, 9230518282Landmark: Near DVC Chanel 
Nearest Railway Station: Bhadreswar, Baidyabati.

 Nandi’s Garden – picnic spot in Konnagar of Hooghly district and very near to Kolkata

Nandi’s Garden is located at Konnagar in Hooghly district. There are three picnic spots on the bank of river Ganga. Rest room facilities are available here. This garden is also situated near Kolkata and during winter weekends people come here for picnic.

 Address of Nandi’s Garden – the picnic spot in Hooghly district

G T Road. beside Konnagar, Hooghly
Pin Code: 712235Contact Number: 033-22263737, 9830129503 (M)

Landmark: Konnagar, G T Road

Nearest Railway Station: Konnagar.

 Suakhal Tourist Complex – picnic spot in Hooghly district

Suakhal Tourist Complex is located near Adi Saptagram rail station in Hooghly district. All the features required for a good picnic spot are present in Suakhal Tourist Complex. Park, children garden, river for boating, small botanical garden, cottage, guest house, conference hall are available in Suakhal Tourist Complex.  Adi Saptagram can be reached by local trains. From 1st March to 31st October, Suakhal Tourist Complex remains open from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. During winter, from 1st November to last date of February, the timing is from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Whom to Contact for booking

Hooghly Zilla Parishad, Zilla Parishad Bhavan
Chinchura, Hooghly
Phone Number: 03326802139/2681

 New Digha – picnic spot in Chandannagar of Hooghly district and near to Kolkata

New Digha is an ideal picnic place for them who reside in Hooghly district or near Chandannagar. New Digha is near to Kolkata and Howrah also. With the help of Zilla Parishad of Hooghly district, many picnic spots are developed near French colony of Chandannagar and New Digha is one them. New Digha is located very close to Chandannagar rail station and there are 225 picnic spots, each accommodating nearly 20 people. People can enjoy their weekends here all facilities of enjoyments are present in New Digha.  Boating. Planetarium, toy train, restaurant, Columbus boat, Dumping Zed Hawk, Mickey Mouse etc. are available in New Digha. Each picnic spots are chargeable which is very nominal. Bungalows are also available here on paying extra charge. Night stays in the bungalows are not permitted.
Scenic beauty of New Digha is excellent. DVC canal flows through the picnic spots. Cooking utensils are also available here at a cheap rate.
Whom to Contact for booking
Hooghly Zilla Parishad, Zilla Parishad Bhavan
Chinchura, HooghlyPhone Number: 03326802139/2681

 How to reach New Digha  – picnic spot in Chandannagar

Chandannagar is an easy accessible location from Howrah and Kolkata. Bhardhaman bound main line local trains are passing through Chandannagar. From Chandannagar, New Digha can be reached by any mode of transport services.

 Chuti Park – picnic spot in Chandannagar of Hooghly district and near to Kolkata

Chuti Park is another famous picnic spot at Chandannagar. Chuti Park is located just opposite the New Digha.  Chuti Park is developed by Chandannagar Municipal Corporation and it has 100 picnic spots. Entry fee is applicable in this park. Scenic beauty, greenery of this park attracts people from Chandannagar and nearby areas like Howrah and Kolkata.

 Address of Chuti Park at Chandannagar

HooghlyLandmark: Opposite New Digha

Nearest Rail Station: Chandannagar

Contact Number: 033-3261-2109 / 9903090695 / 9331870640

 KMDA Park – picnic spot in Chandannagar of Hooghly district and near to Kolkata

KMDA Park is another famous picnic spot at Chandannagar, situated very close to Chandannagar rail station. KMDA Park is also known as Wonderland Park. This park can accommodate nearly 120 picnic parties at a time. Entry fee is applicable in this park. The flowers, beautiful scenery of the park attract people from Kolkata here. The other necessary facilities of picnic spots like rooms for visitors, large seminar hall are available in KMDA Park. Visitors can spend night here at KMDA Park.
For booking, contact: Executive Engineer, KMDA,100 G.T Road, Rishra.

Swastikanan Garden picnic spot in Hooghly district

Swastikanan is situated in famous Debanandapur in the district of Hooghly. Debanandapur is the birth place of Sarat Chandra Chottopadhyay. The Sarat Smriti Mandir is located close to this Swastikanan garden.

Toilet and drinking water facility is available in Swastikanan.

Wonder Land Park picnic spot at Chandannagar in Hooghly

Wonder Land Park is a nice picnic spot situated at Chandannagar in the district of Hooghly. The green view of the park is bound to refresh the minds of city people. There are three small lakes surrounding the park.

The other attractions at Wonder Land Park is toy trains, slips, swings many others. Toilet and drinking water facility is available at Wonder Land Park.

Picnic at Wonder Land Park is chargeable.

Wonder Land Park can be reached by train. Get down at Chandannagar station and from there rickshaw is available to reach Wonder Land Park. Chandannagar is in Howrah-Burdwan main line train route.

Banshberia Picnic Spot in Hooghly District

Banshberia is 48 kms from Kolkata and the river Ganga is flowing through the area. Banshberia issituated between Tribeni and Bandel.

Main attractions of Banshberia

The attractions of Banshberia are Hangeshwari and Ananta Vasudeva temples. The five-storied Hangseshwari temple is built in a unique architectural style. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The Ananta Vasudeva temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

How to reach Banshberia

Banshberia  is on the Howrah – Katwa railway route and can be reached by train. From Banshberia station, one can reach the temple complex by cycle rickshaws.


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