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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mini Zoo at Garchumuk is becoming attractive to tourists

Garchumuk is situated in the Howrah district and speciality of this spot is that it is at the meeting point of the two rivers- Damodar and Hoogly (Ganges).

Garchumuk is a famous picnic spot near Kolkata and day by day attraction of this place is increasing. Recent development in Garchumuk is a Mini Zoo. Deer Park of Garchumuk has received the status of mini zoo from Central Zoo Authority. The deer park of Garchumuk has 85 deers, 2 porcupines, 4 peacocks and birds of 52 species. Zilla Parishad maintains the children park, bungalow and picnic spots at Garchumuk. State Zoo Authority has taken many projects for the development of the mini zoo at Garchumuk.

Two crocodiles will be seen in future at the mini zoo of Garchumuk. 425 tortoises are kept in a pond at the zoo and the pond for crocodile is almost ready. In future bear and leopards will be kept in the mini zoo.

So far, Garchumuk was only a picnic spot but it is going to be a famous week end spot in near future. Presently visitors flock to Garchumuk to view the barrage called Atanna Gate (58 No. Gate). Zoo will add more colour on Garchumuk. 

How to reach Garchumuk

Reach Uluberia from Howrah by train and from there buses towards Garchumuk are available. One can reach Garchumuk from Kolkata directly by bus. Board on Gadiara bound buses from Esplanade bus terminus and get down at Atanna Gate.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tourist attraction in Puri and near by locations

Puri is a place of tourist attraction for both religious reason and sea beaches. Puri is very special for Bengalis. A short tour of 4-5 days and the name of Puri comes first. Historical religious temples and maths become live once you visit Puri. Here is a brief description of what to visit in Puri. 

Jagannath Temple

Puri is famous for Jagannath Temple. The temple has a total height of about 65 meters and it was established in the 12th century. Lord of the Universe is the God of this temple. The name ‘Jagannath’ comes from 'jag' and 'nag'. ‘jag’ means universe and ‘nag’ means 'lord'.

The Jagannath Temple in Puri is situated on the Nilgiri Hills and it is one of the Char Dham. The other three dhams of Hindu religion are Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram.


Konark or Sun Temple is at the seashore and a heritage spot in Puri. UNESCO has declared Konark as a World Heritage Site. Tourists cannot enter inside the temple. Konark temple is a wonderful evidence of ancient Indian architecture from where we can get an idea about the culture of the people of that time carved on stones of the walls of the temple. Erotic sculpture adorn are there on the temple walls of Konark.

Konark Festival on every winter is very special as famous dancers from all over India participate in this prestigious festival.

Konark is nearly 31kms from Puri and 64 km from Bhubaneswar.

 Gundicha Ghar Temple

Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri is one of the most important tourist attractions here. Puri is a town of temples and Gundicha Ghar Temple is one of the most well known temples of the place.

According to popular belief, the Gundicha Ghar Temple at Puri is the abode Lord Jagannath’s aunty (Massi in Bengali), who is called Gundicha. During the Rathyatra, Lord Jagannath spends 9 days at the Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri with his associates.

During Rathyatra, Lord Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra are transported on beautifully decorated wooden chariots to Gundicha Ghar and it is believed that Gundicha welcomes them with a special delicacy made of rice called 'padoapitha'.

The distance between the gates of Jagannath Temple and the Gundicha Temple is exactly 2,688.0696 meters (8327 feet). 

Loknath Temple 

Loknath Temple is another place of interest in Puri. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple. Loknath Temple is also popular as Shiva temple. Loknath Temple was established in the 11th century or the 12th century AD and according to popular belief, Lord Rama established this lingam.It is also believed that Lord Loknath cures people from all types of health related problems.

Saranti Somobar Fair is held every year in this Loknath Temple.

Loknath temple is 1 km from Puri’s Jagannath temple.

The Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple

Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple in Puri is one of the most famous temples in Puri.

Suna Goswami Matha 

There are many mathas in Puri and Suna Goswami Matha is the most famous among them. Many Hindu religious festivals are celebrated at Suna Goswami Math and those are: Banaklagi, Chandan Yatra, Agni Utsava and Snana Purnima.

 Bauli Matha 

Bauli Matha is a famous Sikh pilgrimages in Puri. The matha is located just 3.5 kilometers away from Puri and is easily accessible through bus or car from Puri

It is said that when Guru Nanak visited Jagannath Temple in Puri, he took rest at Bauli Matha. 

Govardhan Matha 

Govardhan Matha is one of the famous mathas in Puri. This matha was built nearly 1000 years ago. Govardhan Matha is situated at Swargadwar.

The Govardhan Matha is also known as the Bhogo Vardhan Math. 

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The Swargadwar is the land mark of hotels and lodges in Puri. Swargadwar is the famous burning ghat in Puri.


Sakhigopal is situated at a distance of 17 Km from Puri. This holi place is famous for the shrine of Lord Krishna. The temple looks like a mini Jagannath temple.

Bakulabana, open air school of early part of 20th century A.D. still exists near the Sakhigopal Temple.

Ardhasani Temple

Ardhasani Temple is situated on the way to Gundicha temple. This is a very small sized temple and Godess Ardhasani is worshiped here. Ardhasani is known as as Mausi Maa (mother’s sister) of Lord Jagannath. 

Siddha Mahavir Temple

Siddha Mahavir Temple is located at a distance of nearly half a mile to the west of Gundicha Temple. Siddha Hanuman is worshiped here and it is said that Tulasidas resided here while he was in Puri.
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Talsari Sea Beach in Purba Midnapore

Talsari Beach is a new sea beach situated 8 km from Digha and being a new beach it is very calm and quite. View of sunrise and sunset from Talsari is awesome.

ChandaneshwarTemple near Talsari sea beach is another attraction to tourists. Distance between Udaipur sea beach and Talsari sea beach is only 1.5 km.

How to reach Talsari sea beach

Reach Digha by train and from there motor vans and cars are available.

Where to stay at Talsari sea beach

 OTDC Panthasala: Kolkata Booking - Tel: (033) 22654556.
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Udaipur Sea Beach Tourist Spot in Purba Midnapore

Udaipur is a new sea beach located at 2 km from Digha. Till today Udaipur sea beach is not a popular tourist spot so this can be an ideal for those seeking solitude. Red crabs on the beach, pine trees and cashew nut garden are the main attraction of Udaipur sea beach. 

How to Reach Udaipur Sea Beach 

Reach Digha by train and from there private transport is available to reach Udaipur sea beach.

Where to stay at How to Reach 

Oceana Tourist Complex. Tel: (03220) 266102, 9434018849.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tumbani Tourist Spot in Birbhum District


Tumbani or Tumboni is a tribal village in Birbhum district. Tumbani is located at the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal. Birbhum district attract tourists by its natural beauty and Tumbani is no exception. Kalipahar forest on one side and Patalpahari village on the other side of Tumbani village. Moluti village is situated near Tumbani. Moluti village is famous as the famous Bengali Saint Bamakhyapa had spent his childhood here.

How to Reach Tumbani 

Reach Rampurhat by train and from there auto rickshaws and jeeps are available to reach Tumbani.

Where to stay at Tumbani

Spend the night at Forest Bunglow at Tumbani. Contact: DFO, Siuri, Birbhum
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Tandrabung Tourist Spot


Tandrabung is a small village situated at a distance of 22 km from Lava. Most of the population of Tandrabung is from Lepcha Community. Tandrabung  is the best weekend spot for nature lover tourists. The lush greenery, blue sky, colourful flowers, different types of orchids are main attraction of Tandrabung. Lepchahut and Lepcha Museum are must see in Tandrabung. Dunga Falls which is 1 km from Lepchahut is also a place of attraction.

How to Reach Tandrabung 

Reach New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri by train and from there Kalimpong. By car. Tandrabung is 27 km from Kalimpong. Another route is – reach Mal Junction by train and from there to Lava by car. Tandrabung is 22 km from Lava.

Where to stay at Tandrabung

Lepcha Eco Hut. Tel: 9002108611
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Picnic Spots in Purulia District

Deulghata Picnic Spot 


Deulghata is a beautiful weekend destination which is located 18 km from Purulia town. in West Bengal. Deulghata is situated on the banks of river Kansabati. Deulghata is surrounded by many ancient Jain temples, most of which are now in a ruined state.

How to Reach Deulghata

Train services are available from Howrah to Purulia. Buses to Purulia are also available from Esplanade Bus Terminus. From Purulia go to Joypur by bus or car and Deulghata is just 1.5 km from Joypur.

Where to stay at Deulghata – Hotels and Lodges

There are no hotels or lodges at Deulghata. Tourists can stay at Purulia.

Joychandi Pahar

Joychandi Pahar

Joychandi Pahar is a hill which is a popular tourist attraction in Purulia district. The spot is just three kilometres from the subdivisional town of Raghunathpur, Purulia district. It is on the Purulia – Barakar road. Joychandi Pahar is popular for rock climbing. Nearest railway station is Adra.

Matha Tourist and Picnic Spot in Purulia 

Matha is a tribal village in Purulia district of West Bengal. People who love village life and culture can visit this village to get oxygen in their lives. The pollution free air, lush greenery and small hills around the village are the main attractions of Matha village. There is a small temple located atop the hill. River Kudlung flows by the side of the village. Main attraction of Matha village is Pakhipahar which is 3 km away from the village.

How to Reach Matha

Reach Purulia by bus or train and from there cars are available to reach Matha. Matha is 40 kms from Purulia station.

Where to stay at Matha

WBFDC Forest Bungalow. Tel: (03252) 222329.
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Barodabri Tourist Spot in Jalpaiguri


Barodabri is situated near Hasimara Air Force base (Gurudwara) and Assam, Bhutan Border Area. Nearest tourist spot is Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, just 15 km from Barodabri. Barodabri is a calm and quite forest with great scenic beauty. River Torsa flows through the back of the Barodabri and Chilapata forest is the main attraction of this village.The other attractions of Barodabri are lush green tea gardens, movements of animals in the forest are the main attraction here.

How to Reach Barodabri

Barodabri is located 140 km from Siliguri. Bus services are available from Jalpaiguri, Siliguri and Coochbehar to Hasimara via Madarihat.

Where to stay at Barodabri – Hotels and Lodges

WBFDC Malangi Lodge. Booking is to be done in advance from Kolkata. Contact: WBFDC, 6A Raja Subodh Mullick Square, 7th Floor, Kolkata-13. Tel: (033) 22370060/61
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Khutimari – Forest Tourist Spot in Jalpaiguri


Khutimari forest of Jalpaiguri district is located at a distance of 70 km from the Jalpaiguri town. The main attraction of Khutimari is natural scenic beauty of a forest and wildlife. Animals including elephant, leopard, gaur, barking deer, hog deer, spotted deer and wild boar can be seen at Khutimari forest.

How to Reach Khutimari

Reach Jalpaiguri by train and from there cars are available to reach Khutimari.

Where to stay at Khutimari – Hotels and Lodges

Two forest bungalows are available at Khutimari. For advance booking, CLICK HERE… 
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Hatibari Picnic and Tourist Spots in Paschim Medinipur


Hatibari is a beautiful weekend destination located at the borders of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha. Hatibari is in Paschim Medinipur and the spot is surrounded by small hills and lush greenery. River Subarnarekha flows through Hatibari. Gopiballabhji's Temple is a famous spot at Hatibari. One can visit the nearby Jhilli Dam and Kendugari, known for its beautiful lotus pond. Rameshwar Temple is another place to see.

How to Reach HatibariHatibari

Reach Jhargram first and Hatibari is 62 km from Jhargram. Buses are available from Jhargram Bus Stand to Hatibari. Direct buses from Kolkata to Hatibari is also avaibale, board at the Keonjhar bound buses.

Where to stay at Hatibari – Hotels and Lodges

Hatibari Forest Bungalow: For advance booking, contact: DFO, Paschim Medinipur, Jhargram Division. Tel: (03221) 255010.
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Belpahari Picnic Spot in Paschim Midnapore

Belpahari is a tribal village with natural beauty situated at a distance of 56 km from Jhargram in West Bengal. Recently Belpahari is is known to people for totally different reason but the place is famous as a picnic spot and week end tour. Belpahari is surrounded by trees like Sal, Mahua, Piyal, Sonajhuri and Eucalyptus. A beautiful waterfalls is there at Ghagra, lnear to Belpahari.

How to Reach Belpahari 

Firstly reach Khargram by trains and Belpahari is 56 km from Jhargram station. Buses and cars are available Jhargram to reach Belpahari.

Where to stay at Belpahari 

Belpahari Forest Bungalow. For advance booking contact: DFO, Jhargram, Paschim Midnapore, Tel: (03221) 255010.
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Kuilapal Tourist and Picnic Spot in Purulia


Kuilapal is an attractive weekend destination for both picnic and tour. Kuilapal is in Purulia district of West Bengal. Kuilapal is surrounded by trees like Sal, Teak and Mahua. Many Santhal villages surround Kuilapal which is also a great attraction of that spot.

How to Reach Kuilapal 

Reach Khargram by train and from there buses are available to reach Kuilapal.

Where to stay at Kuilapal 

WBFDC Forest Bungalow. Contact No: (03252) 222604. For booking contact: DFO, Kangsabati Soil Conservation, Division-2, PO & District - Purulia.
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Rongo Tourist Spot in Darjeeling


Rongo is a tiny hill hamlet in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Rongo is near the Indo-Bhutan border and it is at an altitude of 4500 ft above sea level. Apart from being a hill station, Rongo has another identity - famous for Cinchona plantations and growing of medicinal plants. Rongo is also the gateway to the Neora Valley National Park.

How to Reach Rongo 

Firstly reach Siliguri and from there reach Rongo via Chalsa, Khunia More and Gairibas.

Where to stay at Rongo 

Sarang Lodge is the best destination for touristrs. Mob No: 9830242049.
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Takdah Tourist Spot in Darjeeling District

The original name was pronounced as 'Tukdah'. Meaning of Tukdah in Lepcha is mist or fog Takdah is located at 27 km from Darjeeling in West Bengal. Takdah was a military cantonment during the British colonial days in India and as a result many senior British officers frequently visited this place during that period. Many bungalows and houses were built at that time for their accommodations. Presently those houses either belong to local people or some establishments like school. Many of the old houses are now used as guest house at Takdah.

Main Attractions in Takdah 

Tea gardens at Takdah is one of the main attractions of the place. The main tea estates in Takdah are Rungli Rungliot, Gielle, Namring, Jinglam, Poomong, and Teesta Valley estate. At Takdah, one can see different kinds of unusual and colorful Himalayan Orchids. Takdah Monastery is another attraction at Takdah.

How to Reach Takdah 

Reach Siliguri and Takdah is 70 km from Siliguri. Cars are available from New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri to reach Takdah.

Where to stay at Takdah 

Saino Heritage Guesthouse, Takdah

Saino Lodge, Takdah
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paushi – Mon Chasha – A Tourist cum Picnic Spot in Purba Midnapore


Mon Chasha is a blend of rural life and Eco Tourism Initiative at a village named Paushi in East Midnapore, West Bengal, India.

Mon chasha is a latest rural based sustainable ecotourism module and it is gaining popularity day by day. Paushi is a small village at the bank of a small river.

How to reach Paushi- Mon chasha

Bus route from Kolkata is as follows:

Kolkata – Vidyasagar Setu – Uluberia – Bagnan – Kolaghat – Nimtori – Nandakumar – (Towards Digha) Chandipur – Henria – Kalinagar Bus Stop.

Resort: Monchasha, contact: 9831095234
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Picnic Spots in Bankura District

Bankura district is a place of natural beauty and rich culture. There are many attractive tourist spots and picnic spots in Bankura. Here is the list of some of the picnic spots in Bankura.

Gangdua Dam 

Gangdua Dam which is also known as Shalidam, is built across the Shali River. Gangdua Dam is about 4 km away from the Amarkanan in Bankura. Gangdua Dam is 4,900 ft long dam and the main aim of this dam is to save a village of the district from floods. Gangdua Dam is located on the way to Bankura- Mejia.

Kangsabati Dam 

Kangsabati Dam is one of the main attractions for tourists and picnic parties in Bankura district. Kangsabati Dam is on the river Kangsabati and it is the second biggest earthen dam in India and the largest dam in the Bankura district. Kangsabati Dam is 10,098 m long and 38 m high. The scenic beauty of surrounding places of Kangsabati Dam is welknown to all.

Masak and Lady Hill 

Masak and Lady Hill is situated near Khatra in Bankura district and the spot is nearly about 36 km from Jhilimili. The hill is located at an altitude of about 112 ft. Shiva temple of the Masak hills is the main attraction.

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Shamayita Math 

Shamayita Math is a women’s organization with a motto of of serving the poor, underserved and the marginalized sections of the society. Shamayita Math

Was established on 15th August 1996. The main activities of the Math is imparting Education, Healthcare and Rural Development.

Shamayita Math carries out spiritual, social and cultural activities which attracts tourists.

For details, CLICK HERE…

Talberia Lake

Talberia Lake is one of the famous tourist and picnic spots in Bankura district. Talberia Lake is situated in the outskirts of Jhilimili and about 85 km from Bankura town. Talberia Lake is surrounded by hills and it is created by rainwater pouring into a glade. The lake is surrounded by a wall to preserve it. Talberia Lake is an ideal location for a short trip and picnic.

Durgapur to Talberia is 48.3 km, 41 mins by car.

Asna Picnic Spot in Bankura District 

Asna is an ideal weekend picnic spot in Bankura district. People who love tribal villages and culture, Asna is the best location. Asna is a calm and quite village with forests and tribal villages.

 How to Reach Asna

Reach Bishnupur by train and from there you can hire a car to reach Asna.

Where to stay at Asna – Hotels and Lodges

Asna Bungalow. For advance booking, contact: DFO, Panchet Soil Conservation, P.O. Bishnupur, District - Bankura. Tel: (03244) 252189.
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Wax Museuem Mother in Kolkata – How to Reach Mother


A wax museum, ‘Mother’ will be inaugurated by November this year in Rajarhat, New Town – Kolkata. Mother will be the replica of Madame Tussauds' in central London.

It has been decided that initially wax models of Shah Rukh Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachchan will be kept in the museum.

Location of the wax museum Mother is likely to come up opposite Prakriti Tirtha — the Eco-Tourism Park at Rajarhat.

How to reach wax museum Mother

Wax museum Mother can be reached from both Howrah and Sealdah. From Howrah come to Ruby Hospital or Science City by bus no. S1, S24, C5/1, 107 or 107/1 Mini bus. From ruby you would get many West Bengal Surface Transport buses (White liners and mini) to Rajarhat. 

From Sealdah Station go to the Bidhannagar station by train. From there you would get many West Bengal Surface Transport buses (White liners and mini) to Rajarhat.
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Golden Boot Contender in World Cup 2014


Here is the latest update of position of players who are the main contenders for golden boot in World Cup 2014.

Thomas Müller (Germany)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Portugal: 3

 Neymar (Brazil)

Total goals scored till today: 2

Against Croatia: 2 goals

Robin van Persie (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Arien Robben (Netherlands)

Total goals scored till today: 3

Against Spain: 2 goals

Against Australia: 1 goal

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Total goals scored till today: 1

Against Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Jayanti tourist spot in Jalpaiguri district

Jayanti is a small forest with an area of 780 sq km situated near Buxa Tiger Reserve. Main attractions at Jayanti are the scenery of the forest and the distant hills of Bhutan and Jayanti river. In the forest, animals like elephant, leopard, tiger, wild dog and barking deer reside. Mahakal Temple, the 51th satipeeth is just 7 km from Jayanti. From Jayanti one can visit Hatipota by car. The journey to Hatipota is thrilling. There is Pokhri Lake which is situated on a hill, 2 km from Jayanti.

How to reach Jayanti

Many trains are plying from Sealdah and Howrah to New Alipurduar Junction. Jayanti is 26 km from Alipurduar. Jayanti can also be reached from Rajabhatkhawa.

Time Table of Trains

Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and New Cooch Behar
Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and Siliguri Jn
Train Time Table Between Alipur Duar Jn and New Jalpaigur

Hotels and lodges at Jayanti

There are many hotels and lodges at Jayanti. Some of the lodges and hotels are given below:

Hotel Greenview. Tel: 203157, 9474627790.

Prakriti. Tel: 9333263923.

Nature Hut. Tel: 286567.

Jayanti Hills Jungle Camp. Tel: 9547308446.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Picnic Spots in Birbhum District

Kenduli Picnic Spot in Birbhum district

Kenduli is a historical village which is situated on the bank of the river Ajay. Kenduli is the birth place of famous Vaishnab poet Jaidev. Kenduli is an ideal place for picnic during winter. No advance booking is needed for arranging picnic at Kenduli. Go and simply enjoy the picnic on the banks of Ajay river.

How to reach Kenduli

Kenduli can be reached from Durgapur by bus.
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