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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nagar College Merit List Admission Schedule 2015

In this article provisional and merit lists of Nagar College for admission to honours and general courses in the college for academic year 2015-16 will be published. If the college publish 1st merit list, 2nd merit list, 3rd merit list and so on, all the merit lists publication information will be posted here.

Links to Merit Lists

B.A.Hons. Bengali All Category

 B.A. Hons Bengali All Category PH

B.A. Hons Bengali OBC_A PH Category

B.A. Hons Bengali OBC_B Category

 B.A. Hons. Bengali OBC_A Category

 B.A. Hons. Arabic OBC_A Category

B.A. Hons. Arabic SC Category

B.A. Hons.Bengali SC Category

B.A.Hons Arabic All Category

B.A.Hons Arabic PH Category

B.A.Hons Bengali ST Category

B.A.Hons Economics All Category

 B.A.Hons English All Category

 B.A.Hons English All PH Category

 B.A.Hons English OBC_A Category

 B.A.Hons English OBC_A PH Category

 B.A.Hons English OBC_B Category

 B.A.Hons English SC Category

 B.A.Hons Geogaraphy SC Category

 B.A.Hons Geography All Category

 B.A.Hons Geography All PH Category

 B.A.Hons Geography OBC_A Category

B.A.Hons Geography OBC_A PH Category

 B.A.Hons Geography OBC_B Category

B.A.Hons Geography ST Category

B.A.Hons History All Category PH

B.A.Hons History All Category

B.A.Hons History OBC_A Category

B.A.Hons History OBC_A PH Category

 B.A.Hons History OBC_B Category

 B.A.Hons History SC Category

 B.A.Hons History ST Category

 B.A.Hons Philosophy All Category PH

 B.A.Hons Philosophy All Category

 B.A.Hons Philosophy Hons OBC_B Category

 B.A.Hons Philosophy OBC_A Category

B.A.Hons Philosophy OBC-B Category

B.A.Hons Philosophy SC Category

 B.A.Hons Pol.Science All Category

 B.A.Hons Pol.Science All PH Category

 B.A.Hons Pol.Science OBC_A Category

B.A.Hons PolScience OBC_B Category

B.A.Hons PolScience Sc Category

B.A.Hons Sanskrit All Category PH

 B.A.Hons Sanskrit All Category

B.A.Hons Sanskrit OBC_A Category

B.A.Hons Sanskrit OBC_B Category

B.A.Hons Sanskrit SC Category

B.A.Hons Sanskrit ST Category

B.Sc Hons All Category PH

B.Sc Hons Mathematics All Category

B.Sc Hons Mathematics OBC-B Category

B.Sc Hons Mathematics SC Category

B.Sc Hons OBC_ A Category

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