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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

West Bengal State University Post Graduate Admission 2015

Important Dates and Events(Provisional Dates)
6 August
Bank Deposit Last Date
11 August
1st Provissional Merit List Publication (Home Applicants)
12-13 August
1st Provissional Admission (Home Applicants)
14 August
Last Date of Fees Deposit for 1st List (Home Applicants)
16 August
Last Date of Bank confirmation for 1stList(Home Applicants)
18 to 20 August
Verification for 1st Merit list(Home-60%) at WBSU Campus
18 August
2nd Provisional Merit List Publication (Home Applicants)
18-19 August
2nd Provissional Admission (Home Applicants)
20 August
Last Date of Bank Deposit for 2nd List(Home Applicants)
24&25 August
Verification for 2nd list (Home Applicants) at WBSU Campus
22 August
Last & Final Provisional Merit List (Home Applicants)
22-23 August
Last and Final Provissional Admission (Home Applicants)
24 August
Last Date of Fees Deposit (Home Applicants)
26 August
Bank Confirmation for Last & Final List (Home Applicants)
26-27 August
Verification for Last & Final List(Home Applicants) at WBSU Campus
27 August
1st Provissional Merit List (Other-40%) Published
27-28 August
1st Provissional Admission (Other-40%)
29 August
Last Date for Fees Deposit(Other-40%)
31 August
Verification for 1st List(Other-40%) at WBSU Campus
1 September
Verification for 1st List(Other-40%) at WBSU Campus
2 September
Last & Final Provissional Merit List Publication (Other-40%)
2 September
Last & Final Provisional Admission (Other-40%)
3 September
Last date of Fees Deposit (Other)
4 September
Verification for Last & Final list(Other-40%) at WBSU Campus
7 September
Classes for all Departments will start

For details: CLICK HERE...

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