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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Asutosh College Undergraduate Admission Notification 2016

Asutosh College is one of the prestigious colleges in Kolkata as well as West Bengal for admission to undergraduate general courses. This college offers UG courses in many subjects. In this article you will get complete information related to online submission of application form, last date of submission, honours subjects offered, eligibility criteria, merit list publication etc of the college in year 2016.

B.Sc.  Hons./Major/General Courses offered and subject combination

B.Sc. Hons./Major/General Courses :
Bio-Chemistry (Hons.)
Mathematics and Zoology
Botany (Hons.)
Chemistry and Zoology
Chemistry (Hons.)
Mathematics and Physics
Computer Sc. (Hons.)
Mathematics and Physics / Mathematics and Statistics
Economics (Hons.)
Mathematics and Statistics / Mathematics and Political Science
Electronics (Hons.)
Mathematics and Computer Science / Mathematics and Physics
Environmental Science (Hons.)
Chemistry and Botany / Chemistry and Zoology
Geography (Hons.)
Economics and Sociology
Geology (Hons.)
Mathematics and Chemistry / Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics (Hons.)
Chemistry and Physics / Computer Science and Physics / Computer Science and Statistics
Microbiology (Hons.)
Botany and Chemistry
Physics (Hons.)
Mathematics and Chemistry / Mathematics and Computer Science
Psychology (Hons.) SCIENCE
Economics and Sociology
Statistics (Hons.)
Mathematics and Economics / Mathematics and Computer Science
Zoology (Hons.)
Botany and Chemistry
Industrial Fish and Fisheries (Major)
Chemistry and Zoology
B.Sc (General)
Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
Computer Sc., Mathematics and Physics
Chemistry, Geology and Mathematics
Physics, Geology and Mathematics
Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
Economics, Mathematics and Statistics
B.A. Hons./Major/General Courses :
Bengali (Hons.)
(Philosophy or History) and (Sanskrit or Sociology or Elective English)
English (Hons.)
Political Science and (Philosophy or History)
History (Hons.)
Any two of : Political Science, Philosophy and Sociology
Journalism & Mass Communication (Hons.)
(Elective English or Elective Bengali) and Political Science
Philosophy (Hons.)
Any two of : Political Science, History and (Sociology or Elective English or Sanskrit)
Political Science (Hons.)
(Philosophy or History) and Sociology
Psychology (Hons.)(ARTS)
History and Sociology
Sanskrit (Hons.)
( History or Philosophy) and (Elective English or Elective Bengali)
Sociology (Hons.)
Any Two of : History, (Political Science or Economics), Elective English
Communicative English (Major)
Elective English and Political Science /History
B.A. (General)
Any Three of : (History or Philosophy), ( Sociology or Elective Bengali or Sanskrit or Elective English ) and (Political Science or Economics)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Course :
BBA (Hons.)

Eligibility Criteria


2 (a). A Candidate taking up Honours/Major/General/Vocation/Diploma/Advanced Diploma Course in a subject must have obtained (C.U. Rules):

(i) Hons:  A minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination. For BBA 55% marks in the aggregate from any discipline.

(ii) Major/Vocation: For these Courses a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate at the previous qualifying Exam.

(iii) General/Diploma/Advanced Diploma: For these Courses, a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate at the previous qualifying Exam.



Online application will start on: 16 May 2016.

Admission Dates :
Publication of Merit List
Admission based on 1st Merit List
21.06.2016 & 22.06.2016
Publication of 2nd Merit List
Admission based on 2nd Merit List
24.06.2016 & 27.06.2016
Publication of 3rd Merit List
Admission based on 3rd Merit List
30.06.2016 & 01.07.2016
Publication of reporting list for 4th Merit List
4th Merit List through reporting (Time schedule given below)
05.07.2016 & 07.07.2016
Admission based on 4th Merit List
07.07.2016 & 08.07.2016
Commencement of Classes
Orientation Programme on the Centenary Foundation day at Nazrul Mancha (Southern Avenue) on 17.07.2016 (Sunday) 11:00 A.M.

For details: Click Here… 

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