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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sripat Singh College Merit List for UG Admission 2017

Sripat Singh College offers undergraduate B.Com courses both (pass and honours). In this page you will get information on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and further merit lists published in this college for admission to UG courses in year 2017.

Final Merit list (23 June)

Will be published at 3.00 PM: CLICK

Dates (Days)
Distribution of online Form (Honours & General Course)
1st June,2017 -12th June, 2017
Last Date for Online Payment
14th June, 2017
Publication of Provisional Merit List
(Honours & General Course)
17th  June, 2017 2 P.M.
Complaint Submission at  Kala Mandir, Sripat Singh College, Jiaganj at
 11A.M  - 3 P.M.
19th  & 20th    June, 2017
Category Wise final List for all Subjects     (Honours & General Course)
23rd  June,2017 at 3P.M.
Online Admission to General Courses
24th  June-22nd July, 2017
1st Merit List for  Online Admission (Honours)
24th  June,2017 at  2 P.M.
1st  Provisional  Online  Admission (Honours)
24th -28th, June 2017                 
Documents verification for 1st online Admitted students (Honours)
29th  June -1st July, 2017                 
2nd  Merit List for Online Admission(Honours)  (If required)
1st July, 2017
2nd   Provisional  Online  Admission (Honours)
1st  -4th   July,2017
Documents verification for 2nd  online Admitted students(Honours)
5th -7th ,July 2017                 
3rd   Merit List for  Online Admission (Honours) (If required)
7th  July,2017
3rd t  Provisional  Online  Admission (Honours)
7th -10th ,July 2017                 
Documents verification for 3rd  online Admitted students(Honours)
11th  July -13th July, 2017                 
4th   Merit List for  Online Admission (Honours) (If required)
13th  July,2017
4th     Provisional  Online  Admission (Honours)
13th -15th, July 2017
Documents verification for 4th  online Admitted students(Honours)
16th  July -19th July, 2017                 
Document Verification  and  Confirmation  of Admission  at Kala Mandir Campus, Sripat Singh College, Jiaganj at 11 AM – 3 PM
20th -31th July, 2016
(General Courses)

Provisional Merit List (17 June)

Published: CLICK HERE

Final Merit List: 23/06/2017,15:00 Hour 

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