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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bina Dasgupta – queen of Bengali folk theatre

Folk theater or Bengali Yatra in Bengal, specially in villages of West Bengal is very popular. During winter season different groups start performing this art in all the districts of West Bengal and nearby states like Tripura, Assam etc. These folk theatre groups normally perform on current social and historical events. Famous Folk theater companies are mainly concentrated at Chitpur in Kolkata.

Bina Dasgupta is considered as one of the top folk theatre artists in West Bengal. Born in Faridpur, now in Bangladesh in 1952, Bina Dasgupta joined Bengali folk theatre group at an early age of 18 years.

Contribution of Buna Dasgupta in Bengali folk theatre

Bina Dasgupta has performed in more than 100 Bengali folk theatres in the lead female role. Few of her famous plays are ‘Nati Binodini’, ‘Meerar Badhua’, ‘Achal Paisa’, ‘Ma Mati Manush’, ‘Debi’, ‘Mati Tara Sundari’, ‘Ma Bikrir Mamla’ and ‘Ogo Bishnupriya’. She was a good singer also. Almost in all the plays she lent her voice.

Apart from folk theatre, Bina Dasgupta acted in three Bengali movies and in a TV serial. Bina Dasgupta received best folk theatre actress award of the West Bengal Government three times.

Her last play was ‘Ami Ram Rahimer Ma’ at Chapui village in Raniganj, Burdwan on 8 April Friday 2005.  While returning from Chapui village by car after the performance on Thursday night, her car collided with a truck and the famous folk theatre actress of West Bengal died on the spot.

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