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Thursday, February 13, 2020

2020 Panskura Banamali College Online UG Admission Notification and Merit Lists

East Midnapore district has many reputed undergraduate colleges and Panskura Banamali College is one of them. This college offers UG courses in B.A. and B.Sc – both pass and honours. This article provides complete information related to online submission of application formlast date of submission, honours subjects offered, eligibility criteria, merit list publication dates etc of the college for the academic year 2020-21.

Selection List - General ( 19 September)CLICK

Admission And Merit List Important Dates

Apply through online at: and also available in college website

Submission of Online Application form for admission starts on and from 10 August 2020

Last date of submission of Online Application form 

Application fees to be deposited through online within 

Candidates may apply for 03 different subjects at a time, (either Honours or General). 

 Details of application procedure is available on admission portal. 

 Application fees per application for Honours is Rs. 150.00 (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only) and for General is Rs. 90.00 (Rupees Ninety only) excluding online bank transaction fees.

Publication of Provisional Merit List and Admission [ UG Hons. & General]

 Publication of provisional list- 25.08.2020.

 Any objection / correction: Candidates should mail to with all supporting documents from 25.08.2020 to 27.08.2020 within 3.00 pm. 

Publication of final provisional merit list – 29.08.2020. 

Publication of Selection List and Admission [ UG Hons. Course] 

Publication of 1st selection list – 31.08.2020. 

Admission from 1st selection list – 02.09.2020 to 03.09.2020. 

Publication of 2nd selection list – 05.09.2020. 

Admission from 2nd selection list – 05.09.2020 to 07.09.2020.

Publication of 3rd selection list – 09.09.2020. 

Admission from 3rd selection list – 09.09.2020 to 10.09.2020. 

Publication of 4th selection list -12.09.2020, if required. 

Admission from 4th selection list – 12.09.2020 to 14.09.2020. 

Publication of 5th selection list -16.09.2020, if required.

Admission from 5th selection list – 16.09.2020 to 18.09.2020. 

Publication of 6th selection list – 19.09.2020, if required. 

Admission from 6th selection list – 19.09.2020 to 21.09..2020. 

Publication of Selection list and Admission [ UG General Course] 

Publication of General course 1st selection list- 05.09.2020

General course 1st list admission- 05.09.2020 to 10.09.2020 

Publication of General course 2nd selection list- 12.09.2020

General course 2nd list admission- 12.09.2020 to 14.09.2020 

 Publication of General course 3rd selection list- 16.09.2020 

General course 3rd list admission- 16.09.2020 to 18.09.2020, 

Publication of General course 4th selection list- 19.09.2020, if required. 

 General course 4th list admission- 19.09.2020 to 21.09.2020

Honours and Pass Courses Details

Subject-Wise Intake Capacity - 2019-2020:
Hons. SubjectGenSCSTOBC-AOBC-B
Computer Science46185861100085
Economics (B.Sc.)37154751100070
Geography (B.Sc.)46185861100085
Political Science6325711821000117
B.Sc. (General) Degree
Sl. No.B.Sc. (General) DegreeChoice of 1st subjectChoice of 2nd subjectChoice of 3rd subjectIntake (Maximum)
1.B.Sc. in PhysicsPhysicsChemistryMathematics15
2B.Sc. in ChemistryChemistryPhysicsMathematics15
3B.Sc. in MathematicsMathematicsPhysicsChemistry15
4B.Sc. in BotanyBotanyZoologyPhysiology15
5B.Sc. in ZoologyZoologyBotanyPhysiology15
6B.Sc. in PhysiologyPhysiologyZoologyBotany15
B.A. (General) (Morning Section)
Sl. No.B.A.(General) DegreeChoice of 1st subjectChoice of 2nd subjectIntake (Maximum)
1B.A. in BengaliBengaliHistory40
2B.A. in BengaliBengaliPol. Sc.40
3B.A. in BengaliBengaliPhilosophy40
4B.A. in SanskritSanskritHistory40
5B.A. in SanskritSanskritPol. Sc.40
6B.A. in SanskritSanskritPhilosophy40
7B.A. in EducationEducationHistory40
8B.A. in EducationEducationPol. Sc.40
9B.A. in EducationEducationPhilosophy40
10B.A. in Physical EducationPhysical EducationHistory40
11B.A. in Physical EducationPhysical EducationPol. Sc.40
12B.A. in Physical EducationPhysical EducationPhilosophy40
13B.A. in HistoryHistoryBengali40
14B.A. in HistoryHistorySanskrit40
15B.A. in HistoryHistoryEducation40
16B.A. in HistoryHistoryPhysical Education40
17B.A. in Pol. Sc.Pol. Sc.Bengali40
18B.A. in Pol. Sc.Pol. Sc.Sanskrit40
19B.A. in Pol. Sc.Pol. Sc.Education40
20B.A. in Pol. Sc.Pol. Sc.Physical Education40
21B.A. in PhilosophyPhilosophyBengali40
22B.A. in PhilosophyPhilosophySanskrit40
23B.A. in PhilosophyPhilosophyEducation40
24B.A. in PhilosophyPhilosophyPhysical Education40
B.Com. (General)
Sl. No.B.Com.(General) DegreeChoice of 1st subjectChoice of 2nd subjectIntake(Maximum)
1B.Com.B.Com.GEC-I, GEC-II75

Eligibility Criteria

For Details: Click Here 

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