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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Uluberia College Merit List for UG Admission 2017

Uluberia College offers undergraduate courses both (pass and honours). In this page you will get information on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and further merit lists published in this college for admission to UG courses in year 2017.

SL NOSubjectList NameDate Published
1B.Sc General All Category All07/12/2017
2B.Sc(Bio) General All Category All07/12/2017
3B.Com General All Category All07/12/2017
4B.A General All Category All07/12/2017
5Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance OBC-B All06/20/2017
6Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance All Category All06/20/2017
7BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany All Category All06/20/2017
8BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany OBC-B All06/20/2017
9ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology All Category All06/20/2017
10ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology OBC-A All06/20/2017
11Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance All Category Only PH06/16/2017
12Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance SC All06/16/2017
13Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance OBC-A All06/16/2017
14BengaliB.A Honours Bengali OBC-A All06/16/2017
15BengaliB.A Honours Bengali All Category Only PH06/16/2017
16BengaliB.A Honours Bengali SC All06/16/2017
17BengaliB.A Honours Bengali ST All06/16/2017
18BengaliB.A Honours Bengali All Category All06/16/2017
19BengaliB.A Honours Bengali OBC-B All06/16/2017
20BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany SC All06/16/2017
21BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany All Category Only PH06/16/2017
22BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany OBC-B All06/16/2017
23BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany ST All06/16/2017
24BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany OBC-A All06/16/2017
25ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry All Category Only PH06/16/2017
26ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry OBC-A All06/16/2017
27ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry SC All06/16/2017
28ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry All Category All06/16/2017
29ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry OBC-B All06/16/2017
30EnglishB.A Honours English All Category All06/16/2017
31EnglishB.A Honours English ST All06/16/2017
32EnglishB.A Honours English OBC-A All06/16/2017
33EnglishB.A Honours English OBC-B All06/16/2017
34EnglishB.A Honours English All Category Only PH06/16/2017
35EnglishB.A Honours English SC All06/16/2017
36HistoryB.A Honours History ST All06/16/2017
37HistoryB.A Honours History OBC-B All06/16/2017
38HistoryB.A Honours History OBC-A All06/16/2017
39HistoryB.A Honours History All Category All06/16/2017
40HistoryB.A Honours History SC All06/16/2017
41HistoryB.A Honours History All Category Only PH06/16/2017
42MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics All Category All06/16/2017
43MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics OBC-A All06/16/2017
44MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics SC All06/16/2017
45MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics OBC-B All06/16/2017
46PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy SC All06/16/2017
47PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy All Category All06/16/2017
48PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy ST All06/16/2017
49PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy OBC-B All06/16/2017
50PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy OBC-A All06/16/2017
51PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics OBC-A All06/16/2017
52PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics All Category All06/16/2017
53PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics OBC-B All06/16/2017
54PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics SC All06/16/2017
55Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science OBC-B All06/16/2017
56Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science OBC-A All06/16/2017
57Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science ST All06/16/2017
58Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science All Category All06/16/2017
59Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science SC All06/16/2017
60SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit All Category Only PH06/16/2017
61SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit OBC-A All06/16/2017
62SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit All Category All06/16/2017
63SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit SC All06/16/2017
64SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit OBC-B All06/16/2017
65ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology SC All06/16/2017
66ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology OBC-A All06/16/2017
67ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology OBC-B All06/16/2017
68ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology All Category Only PH06/16/2017
69ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology ST All06/16/2017

List of Applicants whose had sent SMS and received by College from 07.07.17 (from 4.30 PM) to 10.07.17 (up to 4.00 PM). Any dispute regarding SMS, please visit college on 12.07.17( from 12 Noon to 3.00 PM). 5th Merit List wll be published on 15th July, 2017.  CLICK HERE

16 June 2017

Provisional Merit List (14 June)

SL NOSubjectList NameDate Published
1Accounting and FinanceB.Com Honours Accounting and Finance All Category All06/14/2017
2BengaliB.A Honours Bengali All Category All06/14/2017
3BotanyB.Sc Honours Botany All Category All06/14/2017
4ChemistryB.Sc Honours Chemistry All Category All06/14/2017
5EnglishB.A Honours English All Category All06/14/2017
6HistoryB.A Honours History All Category All06/14/2017
7MathematicsB.Sc Honours Mathematics All Category All06/14/2017
8PhilosophyB.A Honours Philosophy All Category All06/14/2017
9PhysicsB.Sc Honours Physics All Category All06/14/2017
10Political ScienceB.A Honours Political Science All Category All06/14/2017
11SanskritB.A Honours Sanskrit All Category All06/14/2017
12ZoologyB.Sc Honours Zoology All Category All06/14/2017

Merit List Publication Date(s):

 Provisional Merit List at 14 June after 12.00 PM
 Final 1st Merit List at 14 June after 12.00 PM

Submission and settlement of Complaints about provisional merit list: 15th June, 2017 (12 Noon to 3 P.M.)

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