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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Achipur - the Chinese colony near Kolkata

Achipur is a famous tourist spot near Kolkata. Achipur is situated in South 24 Parganas district . Achipur is a Chinese colony and the name of the place is derived from a Chinese businessman – Tong Achi. Tong was an owner of a sugar mill which was situated on the banks of Hooghly River, south of Budge Budge. This is the story of the time of Warren Hastings. From that time the place was known as a Chinese colony.

What to visit at Achipur

The main attraction of Achipur is the old Chinese temple. The main entrance gate of the temple premises has been constructed recently. In this Chinese temple, Chinese deities - Khudi and Khuda are worshiped.

Another place of attraction at Achipur is the grave of Tong Achi. The semi circular grave is red in color. It comprises of stands between two kilns with Chinese inscriptions on them. The grave can be reached from the temple by means of a shortcut, via two brick kilns.

Budge Budge ferry ghat is near the Achipur and this ferry ghat is famous as Swami Vivekananda landed here when he returned from his Chicago visit.

Achipur is also famous as a picnic spot and many people from Kolkata and nearby areas come here during winter season to enjoy their picnic.

How to reach Achipur – bus and road transport 

Achipur is very near to Kolkata – nearly 33 kilometers from Kolkata. The place is well connected with Kolkata by bus.  From Dharmatala, one can follow the route no. 77 to reach Boro Battala and from the bus stop a walk 15 minutes is required to reach Chinamantala. The bus from Dharmatala to Boro Battala will take nearly 2 hours.

The best time to visit Achipur is during the Chinese New Year.

One can stay at Budge Budge as lodges are there at that place. Achipur is just for a day trip

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