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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picnic spots in Howrah district of West Bengal

Looking for picnic spots in Howrah district, near Kolkata? Read this article to know about the famous picnic spots in Howrah, how to reach the picnic spots from Kolkata and main attractions of the picnic spots.

Panitras Picnic spot in Howrah

Panitras is the home place of the immortal Bengali novelist Sri Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. His two-storied dwelling house is situated at Panitras or Samtaber village on the bank of the river Rupnarayan. The building is now preserved as a Museum where mementoes of Saratbabu, like table, chair, chappals, stick, bed, writing tables are kept, apart from his works (books), some manuscripts and personal letters.

There are many guest houses at Panitras and the river bank is the ideal location for picnic. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's house is the main attraction there.

How to reach Panitras

Board on any local trains from Howrah which are going towards Kharagpur. You have to get down at Deulti railway station and from there pick up auto or car to reach Panitras. Distance between Howrah and Deulti railway station is 48 kms.

Deulti is accessible by car from Kolkata. Drive along National Highway 6 and pass Panchla, Uluberia, Kulgachhia, Chandpur, Bagnan and finally you will reach the Deulti crossing. The village of Deulti lies at a short from the Deulti Railway Station.

Gadiara – picnic spot in Howrah


Gadiara is a small village at the confluence of three rivers, Damodar, Hooghly and Rupnarayan. Gadiara is one of the best picnic spots in Howrah district and it is located near Kolkata. Distance of Gadiara from Kolkata is only 90 km. Watching the sunrise and sunset at Gadiara is worth seeing as the huge waterfront resembles a sea.

Interested visitors can enjoy boating in Rupnarayan river. Calm and quite surroundings of Gadiara attract tourists here, during winter picnic parties from both local and other locations come here. Many people from Kolkata come to Gadiara at weekends and during picnic seasons.

There is a fort named Mornington Fort in Gadiara. This fort is located at the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Rupnarayan rivers. This fort was built by Lord Clive. There is a small lighthouse in Gadiara.

 How to reach Gadiara – transport services

From CSTC bus terminus at Dharmatala, there is several buses going to Gadiara. From Howrah station, one can reach Gadiara via local trains. From Howrah to Bagnan and from there buses are plying to Gadiara.

Gorchumuk – picnic spot in Howrah


Gorchumuk is located at the confluence of River Hooghly (Ganga) and River Damodar in Howrah district. This is one of the best weekend picnic spot in Howrah district. Garchumuk is located near Kolkata and due to reason the importance of this spot has increased. The scenic beauty of Gorchumuk is very attractive. Far away from the concrete life of city, a day or two spend at Gorchumuk brings freshness in mind. Deer park, 58 sluice gate lush green picnic area on the river banks attracts tourists here. Boating facility is available in Damodar river.

 How to reach Gorchumuk – transport services

Gorchumuk is located at the bank of river Ganges near Uluberia rail station. One can reach Gorchumuk via local trains from Howrah station. Uluberia rail station from Howrah is a 45 minutes journey. From Uluberia rail station CSTC bus, jeep, trekker, cars are available. Buses for Uluberia are available from Esplanade. By private car one can reach Uluberia via Bombay Road and from there local road leads to Gorchumuk.

Whom to contact at Gorchumuk for accommodation for night stay

SecretaryHowrah Zilla Parishad10 Biplabi Harendra Nath Ghosh Sarani

Howrah distrct zilla parishad rest house and 2-3 hotels are available here for night stay.

 Mahishrekha – picnic spot in Howrah

Mahishrekha is also a village in Howrah district. Mahishrekha is a beautiful picnic spot and very near to Kolkata. Mahishrekha is located on the banks of river Damodar and one of the best spots in Howrah for weekends and picnic. Nearest railway station of Mahishrekha is Kulgachi. Mahishrekha is 4 km. away from Kulgachia.

 How to reach Mahishrekha – transport services

By local train service, one can reach Mahishrekha. From Howrah rail station, go to Kulgachi station by any south-eastern local trains going towards Kharagpur, Medinipur, Mecheda or Panskura. By CTC buses, one can reach Kulgachi by Bagnan bound buses from Esplanade.

For night stay at Mahishrekha, there is a Mahishrekha Irrigation Bungalow. For booking the bunglow, contact: Howrah Zilla Parishad, Phone number: 26604633. Four rooms bungalow is available.The other famous picnic spots in Howrah district are Botanical Garden, Fuleshwar, Sashati.

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