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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The perfect weekend destination Babur Haat

Babur Haat is a rural village located nearly 51 kilometers away from Kolkata. Babur Haat is in North 24 Parganas. A short trip with families and friends can be done at this village. The village is full with fishing lakes – bheris. These lakes are the cultivation area some of the tastiest fishes of Bengal. The other attractions of Babur Haat are rice farmlands, vegetable orchards, mango groves, palm orchards, ponds, rural village houses and local temples.

 Nearby attractions of Babur Haat

Malancha is only 15 kilometers away from Babur Haat which is located at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, the Icchamati and the Vidyadhari,

How to reach Babur Haat

One can reach Babur Haat from Kolkata by bus and by road. By bus, avail any bus from Kolkata which goes to Malancha. Babur Haat is located in-between Kolkata and Malancha. By road, move through Basanti Highway to reach Babur Haat.

Where to stay at Babur Haat – hotels and lodges

With the increase of tourists, Babur Haat has developed better lodging facilities. The resorts are equipped with all kinds of modern amenities and services like air conditioning, televisions, lounge area, dining area, spacious bedrooms with large beds, fully furnished bathrooms, swimming pool, spacious outdoor lawns, beautiful flower gardens, children parks, boating facilities, dinning halls, conference rooms and etc. Quality of foods is also good.

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