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Saturday, November 18, 2023

2024 Jadavpur Vidyapith Admission Merit List Notice

Procedure for Admission to Class V:

Jadavpur Vidyapith has 120 Bengali Medium seats and 60 English Medium seats i.e. Class V total intake is 180.

Bengali Medium: Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) students have the privilege to take direct admission to the Bengali Medium Section. Vacant seats after admission from Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) will be selected for admission through lottery as per order of Education Department of Govt. of West Bengal.

English Medium: Candidates with English Medium background will be selected for admission to Class V through lottery. The students without English Medium background are also allowed to be admitted to English Medium section of Class V.

Documents Required:

Procedure for Admission to Class XI:

Number of Seats:

Caste wise Distribution of Seats:

Subject Combination:


Documents Required:


Application Form for admission to class XI must be submitted online in the school website at
No offline forms will be issued.

Contact Sri Utpal Maity, Mob-9681202963 for a query regarding application form filling only.

The rules of admission will be available on notice board from time to time.

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